Ohlins Fork Springs

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Looking for Ohlins Fork Springs?

We have them in stock in the most popular Ohlins Styles and rates 4744 & 4745 and we can usually get them for other applications as well including drop-ins for OEM Forks. For OEM style Drop-ins we advise that you call us to discuss your needs 408-453-6386

You can either tell us:

The exact part# of the springs you want (Example. 4744-95)


The Model of your Ohlins Forks or Cartridge Kit. This is stamped into lower fork casting of the forks or on top of the cap for cartridge kits. (Example FGRT201 FGK125)


The Make, Model & Year of your bike that the Ohlins Forks

Then give us your weight specifying with or without your riding gear on and we will select the spring for you