HO347 Honda 1000RR 04-07 Ohlins Shock

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The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber comes in a wide range of styles and for many different bikes in the smaller Hyper Sport segment, such as the Yamaha R3, Ninja 250 Honda CBR 250. This shock absorber features the Öhlins well-known Monotube design with its builds quality. With fully adjustable compression and rebound damping it has a great range of adjustments possible. And if you would like to have it, you can fit the shock absorber with an optional hydraulic spring preloader! The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber brings a new way to ride your bike. With enhanced cornering performance and improved comfort it contributes to rider confidence which makes you want to go faster around the track. But the STX 46 does also work well for your daily commute and the weekend country road tour.


  • STX technology
  • Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with hose mounted external reservoir
  • Fully adjustable compression and rebound damping
  • Wide range of springs available
  • Optional: Hydraulic spring preloader adjuster

    Part Number HO 347
    Type Code S46PR1C2LS
    Length 314 +6/-0 mm
    Stroke 58 mm
    Spring 01093-39 (Y)