Dunlop Roadsmart IV (4) Tires

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Dunlop Roadsmart 4 Tires

Riders know that when it comes to tires, a lot of the time you have to compromise. Enter Dunlop's Roadsmart 4, where compromise is out of the equation. Dunlop revamped the already great Roadsmart 3's formula and managed to squeak an extra 23% of mileage for the front and an extra 26% in the rear with a new tread pattern, construction, compound and profile that increases comfort, grip, and mileage allowing you to feel more confident in the twistys. This new compound has Hi Silica X and Fine Carbon technology to increase grip and stopping performance in the wet, while the new sidewall construction improves on dry and wet handling comfort as well. The rear tires sport Dunlop's Multi Tread Technology, allowing for the center compound to last longer while special lateral compounds around the shoulders allow for outstanding grip.

Both front and rear profiles have also been revamped, resulting in 15% lighter steering on turn-in with a much more linear response, and as any good rider knows, the less effort you need to throw your ride around on a nice back road equals more time spent riding due to less fatigue. So what are you waiting for? Compromise is cancelled and the road is calling! 


  • Hi Silica X and Fine Carbon technology to increase grip and decrease stopping distance in the wet
  • Multi Tread Compound design helps top level performance throughout the life of the tire
  • All new bead profile improves traction and slide control by minimizing buckling at full lean
  • 15% lighter steering