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Dunlop Roadsmart III (3) Tires

Dunlop Roadsmart III (3) Tires

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 Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires

Motorcyclists are often used to compromise. A tire that is good in the dirt suffers on the tarmac, a bike that can turn a nine second quarter mile will take far longer than that to pull a U-turn and a sport-touring tire will either last a long time or it will be fun. We rarely end up with everything our little hearts desire. If you are a sport-touring rider, those days just might be behind you. The Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires provide excellent wet weather grip, thanks to Dunlop's Interconnecting Groove Tread technology, yet also provide great handling, excellent longevity and a confidence inspiring feel thanks to their MultiTread compound. 

The revised front tire profile and rayon ply carcass provide precise handling and feedback. Additionally, far less rider input is required for steering, which means your comfortable sport-touring rig will ride more like a chiropractor-pocket-lining supersport. Dunlop's iGT design lends the Roadsmart 3s an aggressive look, but it is not just for aesthetics. Interconnecting grooves ensure consistent tire wear and promote top level performance until your tire's final days, even in inclement weather.


  • Entirely revised rayon ply carcass and front profile requires less steering input and provides precise handling without sacrificing Roadsmart's trademark confidence inspiring feel and feedback
  • Interconnecting Groove Tread (iGT) provides excellent water evacuation while promoting even tire wear
  • MultiTread compound with tri-polymer blend and high dispersion silica mix provides increased mileage and wet weather grip
  • MT compound and iGT design work together to ensure top level performance for the life of the tire


  • It is recommended to change your valve stem, tube and/or rim strip when installing a new tire. Shop Here!
  • Need your tire mounted? We’ve got you covered! Tire Mount Discount

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