Beringer Supermoto Clutch Master Cylinder With Hot Start

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Beringer CRO9 Clutch Master Cylinder with Hot Start.

These BERINGER brake and hydraulic clutch master cylinders, with a separated reservoir, have been specially designed for applications Supermotard, Enduro, Moto Cross and Sports. 
They are very compact, very light and easy to fit under the handguards. The lever is easily adjustable and the adjustment of the idle stroke of the piston is accurately adjusted in the factory.

Weight (approx.): 330g (BRO14) // 310g (other MC) with lever.

The Aerotec® range master cylinder, reduces friction by mounting axes with ball bearings. This technique provides more strength and feeling really "fine" and a reduction of the effort together with a higher accuracy.

Thanks to this arrangement and radial technology, the braking power is increased by 40%. The master cylinders are available in the 12 colors that BERINGER offers (standard: red).