Warp 9 "Stiletto" Forged SM Wheels Husqvarna

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Warp 9's "Stiletto" wheels! These are W9's original forged aluminum wheels. Light-weight, TUBELESS, and trouble-free. No more adjusting spokes and no more instant-flats thanks to a burst inner tube. With tubeless wheels a punctured tire usually goes flat slower, allowing you to come to a stop safer! Gain performance from the weight loss, thanks to light-weight forged aluminum wheels and an absence of heavy inner tubes!

Available for: 

  • Husqvarna - 125-701, 2014-2018

The "Switch" Wheels include:

Forged TUBELESS Wheels anodized in multiple colors

  • 17x3.5 front wheel - 10lbs 2 oz (no rotor or hardware)
  • 17x4.25 rear wheel - 15lbs (no rotor, sprocket, or hardware)
  • 17x5.0 rear is also available
  • Anodized hub carriers come anodized in multiple colors
  • Cush Drive rear hub is standard and includes sprocket carrier
  • Direct drive available by request (1lb lighter than cush drive)
  • Anodized 90 degree valve stems, color-matched to the hubs

Apex floating rotors come standard

  • Floating rotors will dissipate heat faster than one piece rotors.
  • All rotors and sprockets bolt patterns are specific to your bike.

Warp 9 Sprocket size of your choice

  • Husqvarna: 40, 42 (new), 44, 47-52


Please note:

  • Some wheel orders may take extra time to complete.
  • Wheel spacers are included when necessary, some models will use your stock spacers