Excel Talon Supermoto Wheel Husqvarna

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High strength Excel rims are laced to anodized aluminum hubs from Talon for an ultra strong, yet lightweight wheel!

Comes standard with:

16.5x3.5" or 17x3.5" front wheel.
17" rear wheel in 4.25", 5", or 5.5" widths.
Talon Pro Billet Hubs

Bulldog spokes and nipples - Available in your color choice*

*polished silver is standard

Applications for the following Husqvarna Motorcycles:

ALL FC/TC (15-19),
ALL FE/TE (16-19),
FX350/450 (17-19),
TX125/300 (17-19)

ALL FC/TC (2014),
ALL FE/TE (14-15)

FC250/450 (15-19),
FC350 (16-19),
TC125 (16-19),
TC250 (17-19),
FX350/450 (17-19),
TX300 (17-19)

ALL FE/TE (14-19),
FC250/450 (2014),
FC350 (14-15),
TC125 (14-15),
TC250 (14-16),
TX125 (17-19)

701 End/SM (16-19)

ALL 125-501 (up to 2013)

Please specify Year, Make, and Model in the check out comments to ensure proper application.

If you wish to have a rim color other than black (silver, gold) please specify that in check out comments.

If you wish to have colored nipples (Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red) + $60


Color Spokes (Silver, Orange, White, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Green) + $60

Please also specify that in check out comments and the additional cost will be added to order.

*Cush Rear Hub available for an additional + $150.00