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BLIX Sol Electric Cruiser Bike

BLIX Sol Electric Cruiser Bike

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Sized for riders 5'1" - 5'8"

Combining our smart and stylish design with the beach cruiser comfort, the Sol is one of the lowest step-through electric cruisers available. Whether you're ready to get on a bike again, looking for a laid-back ride around the neighborhood or simply want a bike that is super easy to get on and off—the Sol is the perfect bike for you.

Laid-back, relaxed riding comes naturally with the Sol. Sitting on 27.5" wheels and comfortable 2.2” tires, you’ll glide effortlessly over pavement and hard-packed trails. It's equipped with wide, swept-back handlebars and a wide seat. It's ultra low frame lets you ride with confidence. The sleek curves of its super low single down tube makes it incredibly easy for any rider to mount and dismount regardless of flexibility, mobility or confidence levels.

The Sol’s 7-speed Shimano twist shifter is intuitive for any level of rider. Mechanical disc-brakes with automatic motor cut-off keeps speed in check, and the stay-mounted kickstand offers stable parking anywhere without interfering with the cranks. To optimize riding experience, the battery is placed low under the rider’s weight to provide an even weight distribution and a very low center of gravity. The result: a stable, sturdy and pleasant riding experience. To charge the battery, simply plug it into a standard wall outlet, either off or on the bike, your seat flips up for easy access if you choose to remove! You can also lock the battery to the frame with the provided key if you decide to walk away for a minute, what a breeze!

  • Low step-through frame
  • Comfortable cruiser fit
  • 20 mph top speed
  • Up to 40 miles per charge (60 with upgrade)
  • Smooth 350W rear-hub motor
  • Throttle up to 20 mph
  • LCD display with speed, range, trip meter, odometer
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 7-speed Shimano gears
  • 49 lbs
  • Comfortable and fast 27.5" wheels with 2.2" tires
  • 6.5” seat-tube & 27.5” x 2.2” tire
  • Recommended rider: 5’2” – 6’1”
  • Rear-hub motor, 350 W
  • Throttle for power on demand
  • Responsive 4 levels of electric pedal assist — choose how much support you are looking for!
  • Panasonic Lithium-Ion cells
  • 11aH Battery, range up to 40 miles / charge
  • Upgrade available: 17.5aH, range up to 60 miles / charge
  • Centrally placed battery for low center of gravity means a more stable and safe ride
  • Battery can be removed or locked on bike with key
  • Charger included, 3-4 hours required for full charge
  • See current, average & top speed
  • Easily choose from 4 levels of assist
  • Trip-meter and battery life visibility
  • Backlit for nighttime riding
  • Auto shut-off when not in use