Strider 16 Sport Balance Bike

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First, we changed the world with the Strider Bike. That wasn’t enough. We wanted to do more because we believe everyone, regardless of their current skill or ability, should have the chance to ride a bike. Why? Because it’s awesome. More importantly, riding a bike changes lives. We believe that deep down to the soft gooey center of our being. That’s why we developed the Strider 16 and Strider 20 Sport Balance Bikes. These no-pedal models break down the overwhelming task of learning how to ride a bike into a safe and natural progression. If your kiddo can walk, they can now join everyone else in the neighborhood as they ride bikes and grin from ear to ear.

We hear it all the time that people with cognitive, developmental, or physical disabilities are told that they probably won’t be able to ride a bike. But that’s just because they haven’t had the right tool to teach them how to ride a bike! The Strider 16 & 20 Sport Balance Bikes are that tool.

Built for ages 6 and up and fitting an inseam of 52-37 cm (20-27 in.), the Strider 16 Sport is the perfect balance bike for those who want to learn how to ride but haven’t had the right opportunity to learn. This bike features no-tool seat adjustment, so the bike always fits, and the fun never stops. Bike riding – a life-changing, magical, and revolutionary skill – belongs to everyone, and the Strider 16 Sport Balance Bike gives that freedom to everyone.

Includes kickstand. Not compatible with pedal kits.