Evolution is no longer a dealer for Aprilia motorcycles but we will still be servicing the V2 and V4 Aprilias. For sales and warranty work please go to Spirit Motorcycles in San Jose.



Service Price
Hourly Rate $120

General Services

Service Price
General check over/inspection
(Check condition of wheel, steering, swingarm & linkage bearings, fork seals, brake pads & discs, chain & sprockets, tires, charge rate, lights, general condition)
600 mile/Minor service
(General checkover plus oil & filter change, chain adjust, bolt check, tire pressures)
$120 + parts
Major service
(As minor plus spark plug change, throttle sync, brake bleed, air filter check/replace, chain clean & lube)
$420 + parts
Major service plus valve clearances
(Price depends on type of bike and if clearances need adjustment)
from $540 + parts

Buying and Selling a Bike

Service Price
Pre purchase inspection $60
Consignment sales $300 or 10% (whichever is greater)

Tire Changing

Service Price inc. balance and disposal
Tires purchased from Evolution
Loose rims $5
Rims on bike $30
Cruiser rear $60
Customer tires
Loose rims $20
Rims on bike $50
Cruiser rear $75

Alignment checks & straightening

Service Price
Front end strip & inspection $120
Fork straighten (right way up) $50 / leg
Fork straighten (upside down) $75 / leg
Triple tree clamps straighten $50
Seat subframe straighten (steel) $150 (inc strip down)
Weld lock stop $50


Service Price
Basic set up (sag & clickers) $40
price plus parts (typically $50-$150)
From $150


Service Price
Replace fork seals/oil (on bike) $240 + parts
Replace fork seals/oil (loose forks) $180 + parts
Replace springs & new spacers (loose) $260 inc parts
Revalve & respring forks (on bike) from $580 inc parts
Revalve & respring forks (loose) from $535 inc parts

Rear shock

Service Price
Shock service & new seals (on bike) $240 + parts
Shock service & new seals (loose shock) $180 + parts
Revalve & respring shock (on bike) from $530 inc parts
Revalve & respring shock (loose) from $485 inc parts
Respring shock (on bike) $260 inc parts
Fit replacement shock & service link $180 + parts

Prices subject to change.