Ducati 620 Mulitistrada Fork Conversion

A common complaint about the front forks on the Multistrada 620 is that it is wallowy and harsh. This is due to soft springs and poor high-speed damping. Unfortunately the stock internals aren't rebuildable so a revalve isn't an option. We have found that with some modifications we can use the cartridges out of the Showa forks from the Suzuki GSXR750. We revalve and respring the cartridges to suit the Multistrada with excellent results. Cost for this conversion includes a set of used cartridges. If you want to supply your own cartridges it will be $200 less and another $50 less for loose forks.

Penske rear shocks are also available for the Multistrada

Front End Conversion Bearing

Measurements 30mm x 47mm x 9mm

This specially sized taper roller bearing can be very useful when swapping out front ends between different model bikes. It helps when installing the Honda CRF450 or 250 front end into the XR650L or XR650R or the newer GSXR front ends into the older oil cooled bikes (it'll also work when putting CBR600RR triples into a GPZ900R). This bearing saves you from having to swap stems between triples and all the work that entails (as long as the stem is long enough). You'll need one of the bearings to install the CRF triples into the XR650R and two of them for the XR650L.

We can also supply an axle adapter kit to allow use of the XR650 axle into the CRF fork bottoms. If you use the XR650 wheel in the CRF forks you'll need space the wheel correctly and relocate the caliper to match the disc. Because of the numerous possible combinations of fork, wheel and caliper we aren't able to provide wheel spacers or caliper relocation brackets.

Conversion bearing - $60
Axle Adapter Set - $100